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Cell phones are a wonderful invention. They allow us to call for help in an emergency, call home from the grocery store asking if we need milk, and other useful things. Cell phones also allow us to become so entangled in our own lives that we ignore the world and people around us.

I was at the bank and at the next teller, a woman completed her transaction talking on her cell phone the entire time. I don't think she said one word to the teller. The teller was a human beeing, not an ATM.

You are walking down the street with your nose glued to your smart phone. A news flash catches your eye. An Amber Alert. A man matching such and such a description just kidnaped a girl matching such and such a description. You almost bump into a man matching such and such a description dragging a scared little girl matching such and such a description. You barely notice his feet and the top of her head as you think to yourself "I hope someone sees them," as you switch to the latest stock quotes.

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